Braiding Machine Configurator

Texmind Braiding Machine Configurator is a powerful CAD software for creative developers of new braiding machines and braided structures.
The user can configure his machine trough selection of the size and position of the horn gears with the mouse. After placing the carriers, the user simulate the carrier motion and test the carrier arrangement. Carrier collisions are automatically detected. The idealized 3-D-image of the braid, that is to construct, is as well visualised.

Texmind Computer Controlled Braiding Machine Configurator is advanced version of the Configurator, released in January 2018. It allow the operation with computer controlled switches, which are changing the track during the braiding process.


Main features

Create your braiding machine with the mouse.

  • Horn gears with 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,….any number of slots
  • Carrier placement
  • Show animation of the carrier motion
  • Idealized 3D structure of the braid
  • Colision check


  • Export the machine drawing as WMF (windows image format) and SVG (Corel Draw, Web)
  • Export the braid as 3D geometry or jpg
  • Export the machine emulation as GIF animation

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the switches between the carriers programmable

Yes, in the  Version: “Texmind Computer Controlled Braiding Machine Configurator”

Is there direct export for the programming of the VF Machine of Herzog or some other special machine.

Not yet. Ask the producer for file format. We have several CAD packages with direct export to machine files and there is no problem to implement new formats.

Is automatic carrier arrangement possible

Not more, but reimplementation is under progress. The older versions had the possibility to say “1 Full 1 Empty” and the software arrange the carriers, but this feature is not more supported, because it will not work on machines with variable tracks.


Rev. 2022-02-09

Current stable version.

Rev. 2021

Simulateous carrier motion and 3D generation started. GLTF Export. Machine Data Export as Excell Sheet. Carriers with different colours introduced and carrier colour change included. Middle ends (in the middle of horn gear) and inlay yarsn (between the horn gears) included. Custom gears with different speed and radius possible

04. 01.2018

Texmind Computer Controlled Braiding Machine Configurator released.

The user can set each switch state during the programming and record the complete braiding programm. Step-wise motion of the braiding machine and additing carriers after the motion allowed.

Rev. 1.3

Improved Graphical User Interface. Reported bugs for crashes after non typical braiding behaviour (deleting gears with carriers, deleting carriers) solved.  Improvements in the solver in the issues with the carrier motion.


Bugs fixed


Added Switch cams which can be set to “transfer” or “keep” positions Predefined Machines for packing machines and varioflechter


Several Bugs fixed. Added Colour Carrier and Yarns


Post ITMA 2015 Milano. Distance for Horn Gear contact detection adjustable


ITMA 2015 Milano


Techtextil Frankfurt version. Added Makros for predefined machines


Improved menu bar and several bugs fixed.
Test with 33 students during one week braiding course on Windows XP, Windows 7, 8, Windows 8.1 and one Windows 7 on Virtual Machine on Mac.


Mouse Interactions included.
The user can place gears and carriers with the mouse (drag and drop)


Carrier motion simulation included with definition of the transfer places and idealized 3D view of the braided structures


Carrier motion simulation included


First Graphical User Interface created. Machine Definitions in Table like Excell Grid


Added flat braiding machines with custom horn gear set


2011. Added Flat braiding machines


2010. Used for the book Kyosev, Y., Braiding technology for textiles, Woodhead Publishing, 2014 For drawing of tubular braiding machines, using text files for definition of the horn gears

We actively develop the TexMind Braiding Machine Configurator! Ask for demo version or updates about the features!

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