Our Mission

TexMind UG is an independent development center for adaptation of the newest scientific achievments in the area of textiles for practical application.

Independent means that we create our products to meet the needs of the end customers, not only the needs of the machinary producers, but we cooperate close with these in the case where it is required.

The qualification of the young specialists and generally Education is very important aspect of the company strategy:

  • we support junior researchers by publishing their selected works under very attractive conditions, see TexMind Verlag
  • we develop versions of our software specialy designed for education – small, simple, fast and not expensive products.

We develop the new products with intensive research in cooperation with the Research Institute for Textile and Clothing (FTB) of the Niederrhein University and numerous partner companies and other universities.

The focus of the company lies in computer aided engineering development and support in the area of textiles and composites and the training of specialists for this field.

Speciality of the company is the “3D” – the development of complex algorithms and software for the three dimensional presentation of the textile structures, such as braided, warp and weft knitted, woven and other special combinations.

If you are interested in braiding, you can use TexMind Braider Standard 3D to create 3D images of tubular braids or theTexMind Braiding Machine Configurator  to create your new braiding machine, check its carrier arangement and get first impression of yarn path of the braided structure, of course again in 3D.

For drawing pattern of warp knitting samples the Warp Knitting Pattern Painter can save a lot of your time.