Warp Knitting Software

Warp Knitting Pattern Editor

The Warp Knitting Pattern Editor is a professional CAD software for editing of the pattern for warp knitting machines. It works in both directions automatically – creation of the graphical representation of the guide bar motion from numerical input or editing of the guide bar motion by mouse and getting the corresponding numerical input for mechanical chain links or electronical guide bar systems.

The Warp Knitting Pattern Editor  makes the editing of the warp knitting pattern quick and simple.

Before you start working with the software, you should learn the fundamentals of the warp knitting pattern, for instance using the book , written by Yordan Kyosev, “Warp knitting fabrics construction” , 2019 by CRC Press , https://www.routledge.com/Warp-Knitted-Fabrics-Construction/Kyosev/p/book/9781498780162  wich contains 276 colour illustrations, created with the Warp Knitting Pattern Editor of TexMind. 100 Samples are available in 3D format and can be viewed from any view point, rotated  and zoomed with the free TexMind Viewer.


  • Keyboard Input
  • Mouse Input
  • Single and double needle bed
  • Unlimited Number Guide Bars
  • Unlimited Number Guides
  • Unlimited Number Cycles
  • Link List (1a-2b)
  • Lapping drawing as jpeg, png, wmf, pdf
  • Show/Hide Guide Bars
  • Multiple Yarns / Line Types
  • Threading
  • Run-In calculation
  • Weight per m2 calcualtion
  • Redo-Undo
  • View several repeats
  • Extends selection to repeat
  • Extends selection with N repetitions
  • Ready to use basic lappings
  • Copy/Paste part of lapping sequence
  • Mirror, Shift Lapping Sequence
  • Export/Import lapping sequence

Frequently Asked Question

May the software generate machine control files for machines with ELB?

Yes, but not for all machine producers. Contact us in case of interest with information about your machine.

Do you have MAC version?

Mac version is in preparation.

Does the software work on Windows XP?

Probably, see Windows XP or 8.1. But, please, try to switch to Windows 7 or higher.

Does the software calculate the mechanical properties of the fabrics?

Not now, but for such calculations we provide several exporting options for various FEM software packages.

Does the software generate 3D view of the fabrics?

Yes, since 2019 the “Warp Knitting Pattern Editor 3D” has build in support for 3D view.

The Editor has additionally interface for direct call of the Loop3D simulation software for 3D visualisation of warp knitted fabrics, but Loop3D is not included in this package.


More about Loop3D and its modules can be found in the scientific literature as for instance in

Version History

Rev. 2.3

2018.12. Spacer fabrics/double needle bed fabrics included in 3D version

Rev. 2.2

2018.08. Export functions improved – provided are PDF for lapping diagrams and Excell for the complete dataset

Rev. 2.1

2018.05. TexMind Warp Knitting Pattern Editor 3D launched for single needle bed structures for selected customers

Extendded options for threading and lapping manipulation

Rev. 2.0

2015.11.01 TexMind Warp Knitting Pattern Editor 2.0 launched.
ITMA Milano www.itma.com
Copy/Paste function, Pattern Repetitions function
Chinese Language Translation included

Rev. 1.9

Threading selection changed

Rev. 1.8

Automated repeat extension

Rev. 1.7

New Graphical User Interface

Rev. 1.2 – 1.6

Bug Fixing and Improvements of Pattern Painter Starter, Englisch, German, French Languages added,

Rev. 1.0

2013 TexMind Warp Knitting Pattern Painter 1.0 as Starter and Extended Versions
The Extended Version with Run-In Calculations

2013 TexMind Warp Knitting Pattern Editor 1.0
As custom development, not public available.
Extended Editing Features, Undo-Redo

Rev. 0.3

New Graphical Interface Export to Loop3D

Rev. 0.2

2011 Company TexMind Launched Wapr Kniting Pattern Painter started Windows Version with numerical input

Rev. 0.1

2004 Technical University Sofia
Simple drawing program in Matlab for converting Number input into chain link pattern

We actively develop our Warp Knitting Software. Ask for current demo and for updates .

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